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2013 Review

So 2013 year is ending, and I wanted to summarize my achievements somehow, so I made short movie – mix of my projects. Well I should be happy, but I am not. I am dozens of years away from any

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FPS in jMonkey engine update #3

Hola. As you can see on print screen, I gave birth to nice amount of zerg-like monsters :s They run like crazy through random points on the battlefield (bunch of points created in collection). Unless player go near them then

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FPS in jMonkey engine update #2

Hi, time for second update of my fps project in jmonkey engine. This time I worked on enemy a bit. I have created run animation, then made some sort of AI. After this I added shooting ability with particles as

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FPS in jMonkey engine

Hello there. This is my new project of FPS game in JMonkey engine. I have decided to learn it, because it gives a lot features for creating 3d games in java. As you can see, it is  sci fi game

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Double Poke – second update

Another update of Android ‘Double Poke’ (temp. title).  I have added touch counter and apples counter. Ah and random appearing apples with wings. Thing is to collect apples using lowest number of ‘pokes’, I hope this will make it playable

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Google App Engine – first aproach

Konichiwa 🙂 This blog is evolving – I have started to learn how to create sophisticated web applications. First I did app using hibernate framework and maven tool. I didn’t worked how I planned haha, well then I jumped into learning

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Snackie – Android snake game

Another android app I worked on is snake  game. It was created during study e-book called “Beginning Android 4 Games Development”. Most of code is from it, I think it is an amazing book. This game may look small and

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my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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