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MBow LWJGL FPS project #2

This time I started implement glsl shaders. Directional light per pixel shader was easy to implement (Lightouse3d shader, link below). But I had a lot of work  with bump mapping implementation(on screens you can see cube with bump mapping and

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Unity 3D first project – AboutEnd #2

Second Unity project update. I did some progress with this game, on print screen you can see military base (probably will be attacked with this mech). I’m still not sure what make next, I think about creating enemies. Another thing

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MBow LWJGL FPS project #1

This is my new small project. I decided to make fps bow shooter. So far I made skybox (from eyefish image – link below), bow model, face target, house from previous project (gonna make new better). And there is implemeneted

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my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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