3D TPP LWJGL Game – New models and animations #10

javaw 2013-02-19 14-57-57-10

LWJGL(Lightweight java game library) game project in third person perspective (TPP) #10

I would like to show my new models. First I made walls for this tower, as you can see it has more shapes now, and new textures. Then I made transparent platforms with new wood-like texture. They are magical, floating platforms, so transparent should not be weird. Last thing was this goblin character. Ah, and models were made in Blender. Goblin has 10k faces, so it’s kinda a lot for game character. I saw that when doing animations. I did walk and jump frames, and I noticed that game loads very slow (around 17 seconds). It will be lesson for me to model low- poly characters >.<

Here You can see how it looks:

Link for source and resources:

Also you can check character model on deviantART :


Btw, message me if there are any problems with downloading or if something in code is confusing, I am not professional coder, some parts may not be clear.


my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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5 comments on “3D TPP LWJGL Game – New models and animations #10
  1. necrolectic says:

    Hello again:D

    This looks amazing compared to the previous builds.

    I will give you some advice. Take it, or leave it, I just want to make sure, you get 100% satisfied with your character :D.

    I know, the animations are still in progress, so these are just points, I will point at, when you finetune your animations:

    1. When you walk forward, the body tilts forward about 30-40°, when you start the running/walk cycle.

    2. When you walk sideways, the same as point 1, but just around 5-10°. Not very much.

    3. When your character jumps, the knees have to be bend a little more (a little above the kneecaps.

    4. I AM VERY PLEASED THAT THE SHOULDERS AND ARMS MOVE WITH THE BODY! Jeez, many people get that wrong in the first place and you showed the trap the mighty stinky finger ^^.

    Just my 50 cent or 1$.

    Keep up the good work!

    • morrky says:

      Hi, thanks for the tips 😀 well with that tilting I had little problems, so I decided to leave it as this for now. Yeah, you may be right about the jump, I gotta check how it would look. Thanks again!

      • necrolectic says:

        No problem. As a fellow animator I just want to share my experience. Not all people have to struggle with problems, others have dealt with :D.

  2. Theo says:

    Display is created, but stays totally black, seems like the game still works, but I cant see anything……

    • morrky says:

      I have noticed that game won’t work on some hardware for example nvidia graphic cards, this may be related to deprecated open gl commands used in this project. I am truly sorry, I am learning on my mistakes 😦

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my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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