3D TPP LWJGL Game – Particles and Sprites #9

javaw 2013-02-08 23-14-15-73

LWJGL(Lightweight java game library) game project in third person perspective (TPP) #9

Particles 😀 Yes, it is most noticeable feature in this update, I made some tests, tried few render methods, and I finally used display lists, because they were best for rendering so many points (with move). I finally learned how to use Vertex Buffer Objects, they give nice performance (I managed to render 300 000 static particles with around 48 fps). Of course I heard that using shaders will give better performance, but I don’t know how to use shaders yet. I also blended particles, they give really cool glow. After I learned VBO’s, I changed render for platforms, to get better framerate ( I noticed like 30 fps better, but unfortunately lost multitexturing on them) . Next thing I implemented were Sprites – 2D apples, always faced to camera. They are randomly created on platforms. Player can collect them, amount is counted and showed on user interface. Last thing I should mention is fixed camera view, to avoid seeing what is behind walls. Hm, I definitely need to change models and make this tower more interesting.

Here You can see how it looks:

javaw 2013-02-07 19-43-47-18 javaw 2013-02-07 19-24-15-89 javaw 2013-02-07 19-23-27-87 javaw 2013-02-08 23-18-31-83

Link for source and resources:

Btw, message me if there are any problems with downloading or if something in code is confusing, I am not professional coder, some parts may not be clear.


my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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