3D TPP LWJGL Game – Blur effect & new physics #8

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javaw 2013-02-04 12-56-49-53

LWJGL(Lightweight java game library) game project in third person perspective (TPP) #8

Hi, first of all, I must say that I start to notice my own mistakes. I had to fix whole render pipeline,  and it is working a lot better now. I was even able to record video with Fraps, I am sure that bad render was causing low framerate when recording. So what’s more. Glow/Bloom effect: some parts of screen were blured to get that cool effect, I used very prymitive way to get this. On screenshot or video you can see window, that show’s copy of screen with brighter blured parts. Also I changed lighting settings a bit. I don’t like light in opengl, always result is different from my goal. When pressing “P” you go to wireframe mode, really cool for tests. New physics! Gravity(acceleration) pushing player down, previous was just linear (go high by that far per click xD ). Of course he can still jump once in mid-air. I had to fix collision detection(or rather response) to fit with new gravity. Last thing I made was HUD (Head-up display). It took whole day to find and implement best way to achieve this hehe, in result I made letters and numbers, so I can render most important information now.

Here You can see how it looks:

I think I should mention some technics used to achieve certain effects:

  • Blur/glow was done using glCopyTexImage2D – screen copied and blended to get effect – based on NeHe tutorial (http://nehe.gamedev.net/)
  • Wireframe mode – by changing polygon mode ( glPolygonMode(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK, GL_LINE);  )
  • if you want to add gravity to your game – read this http://home.cmit.net/
  • HUD – was done by putting letters into buffer and render with glBitmap. Eh, First I wanted to make parent window with AWT but it was laggy, and jframe were covered whole screen

Edit: Oh I should mention that in this project, I work with legacy Opengl 1.1+ for learning purposes.

Link for source and resources:



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my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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