Katana test – with flames

Katana test - with flames

My goal is to create glowing katana sword with blue flames. This is only test, still not what I want to get.


my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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26 comments on “Katana test – with flames
  1. necrolectic says:

    Haha. I have a habit in writing comments to you ;-). This would fit right into a samurai intro scene. The composition is really good and it looks just amazing. I have a question though. Are you using particles, or a transmap (transparency map) for the flames?

    • morrky says:

      Write if You want 😀 this blog has like four weeks so I dont have many followers hehe.
      Yeah these are only tests, sword is fast-made. For flames I used particles and smoke physics. You can check this tutorial for blender

      I used this to make mine.

      • necrolectic says:

        Ah, ok. Yeah, I´ve used the particle system in softimage and It´s really cool. But I am also fond of using animated transmaps to get a texture on a grid in the scene and create in photoshop an alpha channel to give softimage instructions to, which parts to remove. Then placing a glow map on top of it, giving it a special shader and you get something amazing. Maybe I will post a testshot if you are interested in it ;).

      • morrky says:

        You are using softimage o: tell me is it good to work with ? compared with maya 3ds max blender etc? First time I heard about this technique, Of course I am interest with testshoot 😀

  2. necrolectic says:

    Hmmm… To be honest: I liked hated softimage on the first try. But after a year and a half I decided to try it another time. And I fell absolutely in love with it. You can think of it as a very dynamic piece. It interacts with a locked and unlocked state.

    As example:

    You press “S” and you unlock the viewport mode. Now you can freely interact with the scene/camera with left mouse button, right mouse button and middle mouse button. They all have their function like panning, zooming and going upwards and downwards. When you press “S” again, you lock the state and you have your normal cursor again. With the cursor you can select an object and press “T”. That as example unlocks the vertices mode, where you can select them and drag them to your liking. By pressing “T” again, you get your normal cursor back. It is really fun, because you can unlock and lock specific things again. It is very keyboard driven and I like it. You are really fast and it´s efficient.

    On the other thing: Ok, I will make a testshot^^.

    • morrky says:

      I guess every software is hard at first, but when u get used to it, u can create without thinking about shortcut keys hehe I was asking because I plan to go postgraduate studies where they teach modern 3D graphics in softimage.

      • necrolectic says:

        Soooo… Know I am done. I haven´t applied a texture to the sword, but it is the effect that we were after, right? 😉

        Here it is:

      • morrky says:

        Wow O: This looks pretty awesome. Effect is so different from mine, it could be cool magic sword in game 😀
        Thanks for showing that

  3. necrolectic says:

    Ah, ok, nice^^. I will make the testshot tomorrow. Have to go to bed (jeez, it´s 3:41 pm in Germany :D)

  4. necrolectic says:

    No Problem ;-). Transmaps are not used much (because many doesn´t know about the trick to use them. Transmaps are especially good for game engines. Normally you have effects, which needs lighting from the engine and the light is rendered. If the render has to render many lights, your performance will drop into hell. Transmaps have the cool effect that the unneeded texture bits are filtered out (the black border areas) or other unwanted areas in your texture + that game engines mostly have inbuilt lightmaps, which replaces the need for additional lighting to appear. Lightmaps also doesn´t take much performance away.

    Transmaps can also be used for trees and leaves. Make a 4 edged grid and place the texture on it with a transmap. You can make a tree with brances and leaves, which is fully covered with leaves and doesn´t exceed a polycount of 100 or you could even lower the limit by improving your transmap.
    Heck, you even apply a normalmap to you leave, so it gets fake depth on it too :D.

    I used it in UDK and it worked very well.

    The scene looks like this:

    • morrky says:

      Oh, honestly I never heard about transmaps before, I see they may be helpful for my game development 😀 I will learn a lot from your tips heheh, Thx 😀

      • necrolectic says:

        I am involved in game development myself and I had so many problems I can´t count them :D. It´s always good to spare some others for the same problems, because they slow you down, haha :D. I could have chosen to stick with 3D modeling, but I wanted more. I am now an allrounder in various categories and it´s helping me a lot, though it takes a lot of time and effort to learn many things simultaniously.

        I always wanted to learn C#. I learned python, but sadly it isn´t used as native language often. Good, Panda 3D and other game development kids have a python binding, but it is not the same.

        A question though. How did you come in contact with the java language and how did you learn it? I´m interested, because I maybe will get my feet wet with game programming.

      • morrky says:

        I know what you mean, today I can say that I wasted more than half day trying to solve problem with physical response after collision detection, Finally I ended with something that works but too buggy. Heh, I want to work more on games, but 3D modeling is really awesome, and helpful in understanding render techniques (and to make something cool to show 😀 ).

        Python isn’t used for games ? I thought it can be. I want to learn C++ in near future, because I saw in many gamedev job offers that they need it. So whats better C++ or C# ?

        Oh, well Im in last year in college, studying something way different, and they learned me basics of java, so I thought I will stay with it until I get better with game develompent. And I really liked it, I use LWJGL OpenGL binding, and atm I want to finish this game project to move on and start studying popular game engines. I really hate myself that I spend near 5 years studying something else :S But I am well motivated now to get involved with game development. And I must say that, I study it seriously for like year already, so Im still noob hehe

      • necrolectic says:

        Python is used in games. But the problem is that it is only used as scripting language. There is no direct python support structure. Blender is programmed as only gaming platform, who uses python natively. The other ones use bindings. The problem with bindings is that the game engine understands the basic parameters of python commands, but doesn´t have all commands in it or is being converted to another programming language, which takes performance. Therefore it was a dissapointment, but I don´t regret learning python though^^.

        C++ or C#? ,C++ is the fastest programming language, yet the most userunfriendly one. You quite have to reinvent the wheel, so you have to allocate space in the memory and all these trivial tasks. You can be very powerful with it, but it is an outdated language. C++ is strong and fast, but it just isn´t userfriendly and is VERY timeconsuming because of the allocations you have to write in C++. C# is a newer language, which kind of is bound to the C language. It takes the pain from you to write all these memory yadda yadda and is used in newer frameworks and game engines. One of the frameworks is “XNA”, for game engines “Neoaxis engine”, “Visual 3D” and and and… The best thing is that they mostly aren´t a scripting language, but a native language in the respective engine.

        I will try to learn C#. The good thing is: When you understand C#, you certainly are able to understand C and it´s easier to get into C++, because you know the syntax. I would say C# is the 2nd best in terms of power and speed after C++. One thing: Microsoft has a real tutorial archive for C#. You will NOT run out of tutorials, I promise ;).

        When you want a full featured cool game engine, go after UDK. But UDK is coding wise easy to understand, but the sheer amount of internal reference in the files and commands are just insane. It makes it really difficult to code and time consuming. Therefore I am going away from UDK. I will try my best with learning C# and use the neoaxis engine or the Virtual3D engine to write my C# functions in. Maybe I will create a engine out of C# myself. But this would be really difficult I think^^.

        Yeah, sadly my schools didn´t offer programming courses in the past. I certainly would have joined. I want to get serious in game development and I´ve seen many programming and scripting languages. I even wrote code in mods, so I am not a complete idiot in coding, haha :D.

      • morrky says:

        I see, I saw python in Blender so I thought it’s more common. Yeah I understand perfomance loss when crossing languages. People say about Java same, that it shouldn’t be for making games, ofc except productions for mobile, I even thought about developing games on android, but most of them are 2D, for better gameplay using touch I guess, and I am more into 3D.

        Hmm, I read somewhere, that when u know Java, is easier to go C++, but maybe it was only syntax, ouch! so learning will be more painful, I always think I don’t have time :S because I need to find some work in few months, after graduate xD but I see I will find other job and study meantime.

        Learning, testing, making examples etc everything to get close to my goal ;D Nothing is easy, but when u make something and it works, u feel like god hahah even if its only simple element of your primitive engine 😛

      • necrolectic says:

        Yeah, I read it too that the java engine isn´t supposed to work in the 3D environment. Look at minecraft how laggy it can be :D. No offense towards java, but sadly it is slow in 3D games.

        And yes, I can understand the “time problem”. I am in education somewhere, but it isn´t really the job I want. First I thought it was good and would interest me, but I think now otherwise. I want to model, I want to draw, I want to make games. This is what I want. So I have to improve my skills As fast as possible, which is kind of pressuring^^.

        If you create an engine you can be proud of yourself. And you are the god of your engine^^.

      • morrky says:

        hehe yes, minecraft is good example. Well, when I started getting into it, it was so dizzy reading about these all technologies, it can be very confusing.
        I can say we have got similar goal 😀 Lets do our best.

        Playable 3d game would be nice(even if boring) 😛

  5. necrolectic says:

    Yes, we will do our best. We are updating our blogs, so we have kind of a diary of our progress. Cool xD.

    Yeah, a 3d game with basic functionality would be nice. Because the rest is easy. When you can build an engine from scratch, then you can add functionality to a game^^.

    • morrky says:

      To be honest, one of reasons for making blog was to motivate myself hehe.
      Thats what I aim, I belive that more complex engine will take only more time, math, time consuming implementation of high algoritms etc. That should be done in gamedev team, not personal I guess.

      • necrolectic says:

        I find it motivating to post about my work. It´s kind of stress relieving and I can see, what I learned or where I am better now. That motivates me and I should long have started to write it up.

        @Gamedev team: It is dependent on the person. When you actually are ABLE to do all things, like 3D modeling, 2D art and stuff, then you don´t need a team. It will maybe work out faster, but maybe also slower. Teamcommunication is not a part, which every person takes its liking in. So it can slow your progress really down, where on the other hand you can work in your own tempo and improve things. You don´t have to wait on a leader to give you instructions. Therefore I am making the whole deal. I try to be an allrounder. I can work in a team and I worked in the past for several teams, but I don´t want to get people involved, when I know they will be a burden. And then there are the critics, which says: You can´t do that. It´s impossible. It´s impossible to be so stupid to think something IS impossible. Many people proved this concept of impossible wrong.

      • morrky says:

        You may be right about working in team, I never worked in team with games, and Im not sure if I will be able to work well, but being a freelancer for example may be stressful because in the end youu need money for living :s And nowadays it’s really hard to earn money from small games, I wonder if from making 3D modells would be more.

      • necrolectic says:

        Therefore indie games were invented. Indie games developers work in a small team or alone and they can live a pretty good life when the game concept working and fun. You can actually make a living out of it, but you are right in one point. You have to invest time/money in a project without knowing, whether the product will be sold well or even sold at all.

        When you are good in 3D and have some creative models and get in contact with the scene, which sells 3D models, you actually earn a lot of money. 3D models are expensive^^. Around 100$/h is the average for clientbased work.

      • morrky says:

        Yeah, I know abot indie, and there is risk, but I guess you need to be expert in development to create real projects.
        Wow 3D are worth something, I wonder what kind of model is worth that.

  6. necrolectic says:

    It´s funny, but people actually pay for this. And it´s just the 3d model. If you want more, like rigging and animation, then you have to pay even more^^

  7. Bev says:

    Looking good, Morrky!

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my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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