Female character project (in progress)

Female character project(in progress)

femaleprogresfront femaleprogresside

This is model of female body made using reference pictures. I dont show render because it didnt have any textures yet.

Human mesh its very hard to create for beginners, it shows how important is to know anatomy well (muscle structure, shape). I heard that people look at face first so it was most complex part of body, and as you can see it doesn’t look very well now.

I want to recommed female tutorial series on cgcookie, it was veeery helpfull



my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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27 comments on “Female character project (in progress)
  1. necrolectic says:

    I like it. It is in fact a really good model and the heads doesn´t look so bad at all. There are MANY who does worse than you ;-). Btw. I am creating a Female model too. It´s not finished yet (arms, lower legs and head aren´t done), but I will finish it in a couple of days. I didn´t use any reference, but I used my 2d artwork knowledge. Drawings and 3D art share a lot of things^^.

    Good job!

    PS: If you want to chat with me (just for chit chatting and stuff), you can add me on skype or msn.

    skype: lunatics111
    MSN: dontfeedthezombie@hotmail.de

    • morrky says:

      Thanks! I really appreciate that you like it, and yeah, it’s my first human model. I realized how important is to know anatomy. I know, I spent a lot time on tweaking head and it still doesn’t look good. Wow, I guess without reference I couldn’t do it 😀 Let me see your model when you finish it O:

      Thx again ;D

      • necrolectic says:

        I will share it, haha^^. Yeah, anatomy knowledge is a good thing to have, especially when modeling without reference.

        And OH YES…. the head is the hardest part. I know my way around the facial parts, but to close of the head on the backside (stringing the edges together) is annoying as hell ;). I tweaked my body a lot. I think the finetuning is the part, which takes the most of my time.

        When I´m done with it, I will show you the topology of my model. It is really… different^^.

        Btw. what is the polycount of your model? I´m really curious, because I am near 1000 polys atm.

      • morrky says:

        Awesome ;D Exacly hours of modeling, or let’s say tries to get natural look. Sometimes it was very confusing when switching between ortho and perspective mode. Oh yeah, I would like to see topology.
        It has about 1487 faces at the moment.

  2. necrolectic says:

    Oh, I noticed one thing though. Make the hands bigger. They look kind of small. I have self problems with hands, so it´s not something to worry about :D.

  3. atique says:

    i am learning LWJGL ….unity 3d and UDK are best game engines i notice when i google….but game engines for java or LWJGL are jMonkey engine, adore 3d, libgdx etc….can i use unity 3d or udk while learning LWJGL…..or should i stick with jMonkey engine, adore 3d, libgdx etc….please reply at your earliest convenience….this is urgent….

    • morrky says:

      Hello, first of all, LWJGL is only binding that allow to use OpenGL in Java. It is not game engine, in my games I was using it to create simple engine. You have to programm all things yourself, and game engines provide a lot features and implemented technologies. I haven’t used jMonkey/libgdx but they are cool simple game engines (from what I know). Unity and UDK are more proffesional environments, they make everything a lot easier. In Unity u can write scripts in JavaScript/C#, in UDK some script language(they have their own?I am not sure). So if you are learning, and want to know how its everything rendered, and implement everything from zero, make own engine. If you want to know how to create games in engine (design and scripts) you can already start from Unity/UDK. I hope I explained it enough.

      • atique says:

        i can not end up thanking you….thanks a lot for your kind and timely reply….i want to make serious professional quality games. should i start making my own game engine or go for existing one like unity, udk etc or should i try both. can you explain advantages and disadvantages please?

      • morrky says:

        You could do like I did, create small engine, implement some simplest algorythms to see how it is all working. When you be good enough, switch into real engines. In gamedev teams you mostly work on engine that is already made with all stuff. If you are not interested in programming, you should learn how to design games in that engines. Also some people say you should start from 2d games then go into 3d, 2d games are faster and easier to make.

      • Atiqul Islam says:

        is it possible to develop professional high quality games without using game engine?


      • morrky says:

        Hmm, in my opinion it would be possible for small projects like simple mobile games. But if you aim something higher, building complex engine would take a lot of time. You have engines like Unity for free so I would prefer to creating my game using it.

      • atique says:

        i asked the question whether it is possible to develop professional games without game engine because i am finding game engine coding a lot different from the scripting language that i have learned or will learn to program. Thanks for your reply.

  4. atique says:

    Thank you again. Your advice will be of a lot of help. since #C has similarities with java, i will learn that to know unity 3d later.

  5. atique says:

    can you give me some suggestions about which of the points i should take care while developing my own game engine in lwjgl or java…kind of simple outline.

    • morrky says:

      Wow, its hard to answer that, it all depends what kind of game you want to create and for what purpose. For learning I would go implementing simple algorythms, some base stuff to handle graphics, models, collision detection( and response), and a lot more.

      • atique says:

        Thanks 🙂

      • atique says:

        Hi morrky, i am trying to understand the concept of racing game….while playing games i have noticed that the car stays in the same position(in the y axis), rather the background road seems to move backward….if i decrement or increment the road y coordinate and take it back it flickers….but how to do it really…is that about positioning the camera…have i made my problem clear? i
        am not sure. please reply at your earliest convenience…i will be thankful.

      • morrky says:

        Hello, sorry for long delay, I guess car will stay in middle, and rest of world will be moving backward, thats simplest approach. However it might be another way, I never tried to make racing game xD so I won’t be useful with that.

      • atique says:

        Thanks a lot Morrky for your kind reply.

  6. atique says:

    Have you finished developing this female character? You said you used a reference picture for it. What do you want to do with it? Making a game?

  7. atique says:

    Hi morrky, i learned java. i started learning lwjgl with the with the aim to game development. i fell in love with lwjgl. Now i come to know that game engine( unity3d, udk etc) is required to develop games. A game engine abstracts out all of the OpenGL, low-level logic. It does 100% of the rendering for you (except for shaders). And developing a game engine is not one persons work. So why did/should i learn lwjgl? Now should i continue learning lwjgl? What are the advantages? Please reply at your earliest convenience.

    • morrky says:

      If you want to create serious productions, alone or in small team, I would recommend to use game engine(like Unity) because you will focus more on game design and creating better gameplay than implementing everything. Also if you aim for creating mobile/console games its so much easier to port your game from unity. Game in lwjgl can’t be launched on mobiles (I mean Android with use java).

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my interests: Game development (atm programming in java) 3D Graphics (Favourite program: Blender)

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