2013 Review

So 2013 year is ending, and I wanted to summarize my achievements somehow, so I made short movie – mix of my projects.
Well I should be happy, but I am not. I am dozens of years away from any decent level of game programist. From other side it was fun, I really want to continue this. There are things I would like to change, achievements to get better and be more satisfied with it 😀 I am sure this time I have got power to get what I want so prepare hehe

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Ultrasonic sensor with Raspberry Pi

Hi. I did another project with raspberry pi. This time I got ultrasonic ranging module HC – SR04. This sensor can measure distance using sound, ranging accuracy can reach around 4m. It works simple – You send signal to trigger module, and then you count time until response. Distance can be calculated with equation – (time x velocity of sound)/2 .

In my project I wanted to make autostabilizing bar. Module would check distance to the ground, and it rotate bar using motor when values are not right. See movie below to see what I mean 😀 I like the result, it was fun to calibrate this construction.

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Raspberry Pi – Controlling two DC motors and 7-segment led display


Hello there, I want to show my newest project. This time it is not a game, hehe. I have bought Raspberry Pi (model B) to start to learn electronics (or to review what I have actually know) and to have some fun with programming (controlling motors, leds for example ). So I want to describe and tell some details of my creation.

In this project I am able to control two DC motors (from old cd-roms I think) using L293D chip. Also I added two digit 7-segment led display so I can show speed of motor.

Parts used:

– two DC motors

– L293D chip

– 7-segment led display FJ-5261B


– wires

– 9 resistors (around 100-300 ohms will be good)

– two NPN transistors

Language used: Java with Pi4J libraries.

Source code: https://github.com/morrky89/RaspberryPi

I don’t want to describe everything from begin, because I have got good reference articles.

My display had a little difference, tech specifications here: http://pliki.aksotronik.pl/fj5261.pdf

and I had to connect 3,3V to power display. Also I don’t use any multiplexing libraries – I just switch between digits, fast enough to trick your eyes. View source code to see more.

This lesson shows what I did, I just also added one more motor to in and out pins of chip.

If you have any questions, comment or mail me.

example video:

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FPS in jMonkey engine update #3

java 2013-10-20 13-56-06-57

Hola. As you can see on print screen, I gave birth to nice amount of zerg-like monsters :s They run like crazy through random points on the battlefield (bunch of points created in collection). Unless player go near them then they start to chase or bite 🙂 Bad news for them is that now gun works like it should so time to clear this place!
Hah, simple thing but I spent some time for tests. So what were added: better simple AI system, zerg animations (hitted, attack, dead), hp counters for player and mobs, post processing glow, and some more small changes and tweaks. Oh I and player starts from floating rock, so he wont get attacked until he jump off it. I am not sure what to do more, I might move on to new project ( I have some network app in my head hehe).

Source code (whole jme project): http://www.mediafire.com/download/xak5haoz57vra0t/SFfps.rar

Check  this short video:

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FPS in jMonkey engine update #2

java 2013-10-13 19-36-35-71

Hi, time for second update of my fps project in jmonkey engine. This time I worked on enemy a bit. I have created run animation, then made some sort of AI. After this I added shooting ability with particles as addition.

Check  this short video:

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FPS in jMonkey engine

java 2013-09-22 20-03-42-29

Hello there. This is my new project of FPS game in JMonkey engine. I have decided to learn it, because it gives a lot features for creating 3d games in java. As you can see, it is  sci fi game with gun. Moreover I started to model a monster – zergling-like creature. Who woudn’t like to defend from loads of zerglings attacking you from everywhere 😀

Check  this short video:

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Double Poke – second update


Another update of Android ‘Double Poke’ (temp. title).  I have added touch counter and apples counter. Ah and random appearing apples with wings. Thing is to collect apples using lowest number of ‘pokes’, I hope this will make it playable game 🙂

Check  this short video:

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